What is legaltronix?

A comprehensive rating system and database with detailed information on certain parties involved in litigation.

How does it work?

Members rate individuals in 5 strategic categories and comment on their experience from their work station. The ratings and comments are sent to legaltronix for review and then legaltronix confidentially posts the data on the master page for all members to see.

Is there a membership fee?

Yes. Members pay a fee that permits access to the data on the website.

Who can be a member?

The member must be involved in litigation which includes insurance companies, defense law firms, third party administrators, risk management offices and all their employees.

What is included in membership?

Access to a cumulative resource page made up of the ratings and comments of all members. All members will have their own home page specifically designed to meet their unique needs.

Who are the non-member individuals?

Mediators, judges, experts, and arbitrators. This list may grow depending on the request of the membership.

How are individuals rated?

There are 5 specific areas of each profession that members will rate. There is also a limited comment area.

Can a "rated" individual be a member?

No. The integrity of the information is paramount and could be compromised if they are eligible for membership.

Are all reviews edited?

No. However, all reviews are looked at meticulously by the staff of legaltronix to insure that no one abuses the process or posts unprofessional comments.

Does legaltronix remove negative reviews?

No. So long as the review is not personal, the report will stand. The purpose is to gather information that helps members choose appropriate individuals for their needs. Legaltronix wants the members to best use the skill sets of each "rated" individual.

Are reviews confidential?

Yes. The purpose of the service is to foster real opinions from all members without reprise. The reviews on the members home page are identifiable so the member employees can discuss their experiences internally.

Can information be shared with non-members?

NO. Users provide ratings and comments under license to Legaltronix and Legaltronix cannot disclose this information. Under the subscription agreement, no member is permitted to share content with a non member or other members that do not belong to the same company.

Is the member company home page available to other members?

No. All home pages are confidential and no other member has access.

Is there a current topics section?

Yes. Members can post information and ask questions of the entire membership through this section. The hope is to foster a trading of information that can help members solve problems and gain insight on current topics.

Can a "rated" individual opt out?

No. No "rated" individual can be a member.

What if a "rated" individual is also associated with an entity that is a member?

That "rated" individual may not rate anyone ever and no member associated with the "rated" individual may rate them.

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Why Legaltronix

  • Professional Membership
  • Updated data on daily basis
  • Comprehensive profiles of rated individuals
  • Custom company page